Okay, I must admit that you might see upcoming posts that include A LOT of patch designs. I am absolutely drawn to the uniqueness of this style and OH SO glad that it is in for the season. I saw patchwork on bomber jackets but now I see a lot of designers adding them to one the best additions to an outfit.... SHOES!!!! Even if you can't find a shoe that catches your eye, you can always purchase a pair of shoes, go to your local craft store and grab some patches, get some glue, and CRAFT AWAY!!!! 

When I think of patches I think of times one may use them to cover up flaws or situations. I remember growing up in a small town in Virginia, my grandmother used patches all the time as a quick fix to clothing. Sometimes we can try to use a "patch" to cover situations in our own lives. It is so easy to cover up, but sooner or later the "patch" we used will soon fade and reveal what lies beneath.  

Some of us, as women, cover up hurt, pain, spiritual scars, tears, and fears and never seek the help that we need to heal properly. We use a smiley "patch" on a daily basis only to know that underneath is a frown from so much hurt. Some of us hold on to pain from yesterday, last week, last year. or years ago. I want you to know that God knows everything about you. He is an all seeing and knowing God and can heal whatever hurt you feel and whatever situation you have gone through. His love is everlasting and can heal all of the sorrows of your heart. Once you render all of your heart to him fully, you will no longer have to cover your pain and scars with patch work.

Psalms 139: 1-4

Acts 1:24

John 3:16

Love, Peace, and Blessings