Easter Peepin'

I am going to have some upset parents with me this year….. Parents, I’m sorry in advance for the sugar rush that is going to take place on Easter. :)

This year I decided to make some cute Easter Peep favors. Everything in this tutorial was purchased from one of my favorite stores…. TARGET!!!!

This tutorial is super quick and easy….. Enjoy!

DIY TIP: You do have the option to purchase the peeps, sucker sticks, cello bags, and ribbon separately and put them together. The way my schedule is set up, I needed to get this done quick, fast, and in a hurry….. LOL!

1 (3).png

For this project you’ll need the following supplies:

  1. Peeps, already prepared on a stick

  2. Cut outs of the favor tags I designed for you below on card stock

  3. Ribbon

  4. Hole Punch

  5. Scissors


Step One

Print and cut out the “Peeps” favor tags that I’ve designed for you on card stock. Then punch a hole in the middle of the top and bottom.


Step Two

Take your already assembled Peeps on a stick and slide the favor tags on the stick. Tie your ribbon around the top part of the tag.



I decided to present my Peep favors in a little barrel that I found in the $$$ section of Target. To assemble your barrel, glue some foam in the bottom, then add the grass. Place your peep sticks in there, and you’re all done! :)

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