Hello beauties!!!! 

I'm baaaaack!!! :) I know that it's been awhile, but I have been a super busy bee!!!

It doesn't take much to make me happy. As a matter of fact, the candy section in Party City just brings a kool aid smile to my face every time I go. All of the bright colors, and the GINORMOUS gumball machine just adds extra joy to my life. During my visit, I decided to stop and take some pics in this fabulous outfit by ELOQUII. This striped skirt is such a great fit and very comfy, and this bow tie blouse......three letters...OMG!!!! I almost kicked myself because I should've purchased 2. A girl always needs a backup, LOL!!! To add a touch of pizazz, I paired this outfit with this super cool, and oh, so fab, patch handbag by ALDO. I've been scouting out the trends for the upcoming season, and patchwork is so in right now. You can purchase a bag as is, or, if you are a fellow diy'er like myself, then you can purchase the patches from your local craft store and glue away. 

As I was putting this post together, I was thinking about how some things that may seem so bland to one, may bring great joy to another. To me, that is what life is about. Finding joy in the midst of any situation or problem. So I ask you today, what brings you joy? Family, friends, a favorite restaurant, hobby, movie, or the candy section in Party City, whatever brings you joy keep doing it! We all have only ONE life to live, so why not live everyday with JOY!!!! 

1 Thessalonians 5:16