Look on the Bright Side

Hello love!

When I first saw this jacket online I was immediately drawn to the color and style. But, when the package arrived I was not so happy. You see, this picture taken does not reflect the REAL color of this blazer. What you see is what I saw online. When my package arrived I had so much excitement that was quickly deflated when I opened the box and saw the reveal of a very  BRIGHT, florescent, neon, color of tangerine. (Maybe it's highlighter pink. LOL!) At first I did't think I would wear it and dreaded taking a trip to the return line. But, after consideration I decided to keep it, and I am oh, so glad that I did!!!!!

I went through my closet and decided to pair this tuxedo boyfriend jacket by Belle + Sky with this beautiful bow tie blouse by New York and Company that I purchased last year. The multi colored Ulessa Floral Pumps are by Marc Fisher. I paired these shoes because of the multi color of blues and oranges that would add that extra pop to this outfit.  This high wasted pencil skirt is by WORTHINGTON and the bag is by ALDO. And lastly, you know I had to add my brooch by Bauble Bar.

A lot of times things may not go according to plan. When we anticipate one outcome there is a slight chance that another may take course. Through it all, whatever the outcome, always remember that everything happens for a reason and the way it is suppose to. Instead of thinking negative just look on the bright side. 

The older I get the more I realize that everything is always going to happen the way it is suppose to. I may not always see or understand why at that moment but eventually it always comes together. 

Romans 8:28; Ecclesiastes 3

Peace & Blessings