Hello, my name is Mirisha! I am just a Southern gal who has a passion for anything that’ll allow me to CREATE! I’ve always had a creative mind and a passion for the arts. I mean HELLO, my 2 favorite subjects throughout my school years were ART and MUSIC!!!

This website initially began as a fashion blog a few years ago. After a few life changes I’ve decided to share my creativity not just through fashion but through the areas where I am able to be my CREATIVE BEST! Whether it’s fashion, cooking, or being able to utilize my glue gun and Cricut machine, I’m all in for the occasion.

I want this blog to be an inspiration to those who don’t “think” they have a creative side. I’ve had countless conversations where people hear the word D-I-Y, and immediately they want to run in the opposite direction. Just know that your creative ability is there, you just need to tap into it. NO WORRIES, I’VE GOT YOU!!!! Whatever walk of your life, my goal is to encourage, and inspire you to take creative chance! So, if there is something that you have a desire to learn but just don’t know how, feel free to reach out to me on my contact page. :)

Thank you for sharing my creative, very colorful journey!